frequently asked questions

How is my community able to choose a certified electric generation supplier on my behalf?

Under government energy aggregation (GEA), as it is officially called, local officials bring citizens together to gain group buying power for the purchase of competitively priced energy supply from a retail electric generation supplier certified by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. Over the last few years, the Byram Township Council has been discussing this concept, and in early February 2021, authorized bid solicitations.

What do I need to do if I want to be included in this government energy aggregation?

You do not need to do anything to receive exclusive energy supply pricing under this program. You may choose to remain in the aggregation group simply by not returning the opt-out reply card.

Does the price vary as energy market conditions change?

No, this is a non-variable price that does not change with market conditions. Unlike some third-party supply contracts, the price is locked in through a contract with the Township and will not fluctuate after an initial ‘teaser’ period. The contract price can only change if there is a Change in Law that equally affects the price of JCP&L power supply, such that even after such a price adjustment the savings as compared to the JCP&L tariff price is maintained. Any such Change in Law price adjustment would be subject to review and approval by the Township.

How does the program contract price compare to the JCP&L tariff price for electricity supply?

The price of $0.087400 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) is below the projected average JCP&L tariff price beginning May 2021 (currently $0.100361/kWh – the JCP&L Residential Basic Generation Service rate will change for the summer in June and go through September 2021) for power supply.

What does “opt-out” mean?

“Opt-out” means that you can choose not to participate in your community’s energy aggregation program. By returning the opt-out reply card, which is included in opt-out documents that you received in the mail, by the opt-out deadline, April 10, 2021, you will not be enrolled as an energy supply customer with Energy Harbor, your community’s selected electric generation supplier, and you will not receive the exclusive pricing.

What happens if I do not send in the opt-out reply card?

If you do not return the opt-out reply card by the opt-out deadline, you will be automatically included in your community’s energy aggregation program and will receive competitively priced energy supply from Energy Harbor.

Can I opt out over the phone?

Yes, you can opt out by calling Energy Harbor, the program supplier, directly at (866) 636-3749.

Can I opt out of the Program at a later date?

Yes, you may leave the aggregation Program at any time with no associated early termination fees or penalties.

What are my energy supply choices if I decide to opt out?

You can stay with your current electric utility, which will continue to provide your energy supply as it always has, or you can shop for an alternative electric generation supplier.

Will I still be able to receive Budget Billing?

Yes. If you are on an Equal Payment Plan (EPP) with your electric utility and meet Energy Harbor’s minimum eligibility requirements including having at least 10 months of historical usage and not being in arrears with JCP&L, Energy Harbor will provide you with an equal payment plan for your energy supply charges. Your utility will continue to bill a levelized amount each month for delivery service and Energy Harbor will also bill a levelized amount each month (through your utility bill) for your energy supply charges. You may experience a “true-up” on your bill from your utility prior to enrollment and then again at the end of the Program. Please refer to the program summary which was included in the opt-out documents prior to the launch of the Program, or call (866) 636-3749 for more details. Please note, if you were an existing EPP customer with JCP&L when the program launched, your EPP will remain in place with Energy Harbor if you participate in the aggregation program. If you enroll in the EPP subsequent to your enrollment in the aggregation program (you must enroll with JCP&L), it is advisable to contact Energy Harbor in order to notify them that you enrolled in the EPP with the utility. This adds an extra level of redundancy to ensure your account is properly enrolled in the EPP for both the supply portion of your bill (Energy Harbor) and the delivery portion of your bill (JCP&L).

Can I still have my payment automatically deducted from my checking account as I do now?

Yes. How you pay your electric bill will not change.

If I join my community’s energy aggregation program, who will deliver my power, read my meter and respond to emergencies, such as power outages?

Your electric utility will still be responsible for delivering power to your home, reading your meter and restoring power after an outage.

Who is Energy Harbor?

Energy Harbor is a fully-integrated retail energy provider and independent power producer capable of generating substantial carbon-free energy. The company proudly serves nearly one million residential, commercial and industrial customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois and Michigan.

What is the toll-free number for questions?

If you have any questions, please call Energy Harbor, the program supplier, directly at (866) 636-3749, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.