Savings calculator

Please enter your monthly usage (kWh) which can be found on your utility bill and enter it into the green box in the upper right-hand corner below. The calculator will tabulate your supply charges for the month in comparison to JCP&L’s Basic Generation Service.

Supply Cost
Byram GEA $0.08740 $
JCP&L Residential Rate
Summer 2022
$0.08154 $

The Price-to-Compare (PTC) shown here is the weighted average using summer rates published by JCP&L as of June 1, 2022 – the utility summer rate for the first 600 kWh used is $0.077793/kWh; that rate climbs to $0.087018/kWh for every kilowatt-hour used after. This step-up in rates occurs only during the summer months of June through September. The PTC will vary between the summer and winter months and can be calculated here. Both the Byram GEA rate and JCP&L’s PTC include Sales & Use Tax (SUT). The Byram GEA rate is estimated to be seven percent (7%) lower than the PTC on a weighted average annual basis.